Програма Buddy для України

Join the Програма Buddy для України to make connections and build new communities over great coffee

Про Програму

Buddy Program Ukraina

The Buddy program for Ukraina helps Ukrainian refugees to gain a feeling of belonging and comfort in the community.

This program aims to help Ukrainians to make new friends and learn a new language.

Locals in the community are paired with Ukrainian refugees and support them as they transition into a new community. Support can range from helping them open a new bank account to going out for a cup of coffee.

Some of our Activities Include

Language courses
  • Making new friends: online or offline
  • Eating waffles together
  • Collaborative community building
  • Nature and city walks
  • Dinner exchange
  • Supporting local events

Taking part through the program has a lot of advantages and a strong positive impact on communities and emotional health

For people who live in Norway:

  1. Meet new people
  2. Help out Ukrainians
  3. Learn a new culture and language
  4. Develop strong people skills

For Ukrainians:

  1. Make friendships in new local community
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Cultural immersion
  4. Gain strong people skills

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Upcoming events

Norwegian winter landscapes in watercolor technique – Workshop


Creative master class with the wonderful artist Anna Lubchenko.

Time: December 27 at 4:00 p.m
Location: Ukrainsk Forening Øst-Norge, Skur 44, Akershusstranda 53, 0150 Oslo

Latest events

Handmade Christmas card with watercolors – Workshop 

Christmas card workshop

Art Therapy for Ukrainians and Norwegians

art therapy

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