Entrepreneurship Programs

In-Program Activities

The Educational Equality Institute offers new Entrepreneurship programs for Ukrainians. The program consists of 4 courses: U: ДІЗНАТИСЯ, U: СТАРТ, U: РОСТІ і U: ВЕДУЧИЙ.

All the programs we offer are fully remote and done virtual. Every week we show you a different topic with an orientation on the first week and recap on the last week of the program. Every week, you will attend sessions with industry experts, leading female professionals and world-leading organizations.

In addition, you can benefit from meeting with mentors privately, accessing the largest networks for Ukrainian Women in Business, unlocking perks including exclusive credits, discounts, and deals from our extensive partner network.


U:LEARN  Expanding Entrepreneurship Skills

Language courses

With this program, you will learn how to expand your entrepreneurship skills with getting know about innovation concepts and theories, classical and contemporary forms of innovation, product and service innovation, business model innovation, open innovation and crowdsourcing, personal innovation and entrepreneurship, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, organizing and managing innovation, innovation strategy, structure and processes, innovation systems and networks, pricing innovation and how to build innovative teams.

U:START Launching a Business

Entrepreneurship Program

With this program, you will get every help you need while launching your business.

The program provides you foundational start-up knowledge, helps you being a founder, building an MVP, determining business model, defining ideal customer profile, building and finding a team and financial & accelerators/angels, provides research & validation of concept, KPIs, metrics, total addressable market, product iteration and rapid testing, user feedback & customer interviews, competition & roadmap.

U:GROW Sourcing Investment

Upskilling courses

With this program, you will get help with sourcing needed investment.

This program provides vision & go-to market, building product & scaling, building and organization, sales and pricing, KPIs, metrics & North Star Metric, financial operations, PR & branding, perfecting the pitch, fundraising strategy, legalities of fundraising, investor week and demo day.

U:LEAD Expanding Leadership Capabilities

TEEI Buddy Program

With this program you will expand your leadership capabilities.

This program will provide courses on leading yourself, leading teams, leading managers, leading function verticals and leading organizations.