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Launching a Business

U:START is a free incubator program designed to kickstart new female-led Ukrainian Startups.

In partnership with Google, TUW i²c, Female Founders, Inco Group and others, U:START provides everything to build and launch a viable MVP stage business.

The goal of the 3-month program is to help launch, validate and grow participants’ Startup ideas. The program is conducted remotely in European (+2hrs) timezone via Google Meet with a time commitment of 5-10 hrs per week.

Participants learn foundational Startup methodologies and concepts regarding business models, customers and metrics enabling them to launch their minimum viable product, giving them a profound and successful start into the future.


Launching a Business

Entrepreneurship Program

1. Foundational Startup Knowledge
2. Being a Founder
3. Building an MVP
4. Determining Business Model
5. Defining Ideal Customer Profile
6. Research & Validation of Concept
7. KPIs, Metrics,Total Addressable Market
8. Product Iteration and Rapid Testing
9. User Feedback & Customer Interviews
10. Competition & Roadmap
11. Building and finding a Team
12. Financial & Accelerators/Angels

U:START 3-Month Program Overview

Week 1: Foundational Startup Knowledge

Learn the fundamentals of Startups

Week 2: Being a Founder

Understand what you personally need to do to become a successful founder

Week 3: Building an MVP

Build a minimum viable product that can be shown to customers

Week 4: Determining Business Model

Apply a valid business model to your MVP that can generate returns and growth

Week 5: Defining Ideal Customer Profile

Find and define the right customers for your product

Week 6: Research & Validation of Concept

Research and validate where your customer are, what they look for and their jobs to be done

Week 7: KPIs, Metrics, Total Addressable Market

Identify key indicators to drive business forward and the size of the Total Addressable Market

Week 8: Product Iteration and Rapid Testing

Learn how to build product quickly to test and iterate to succeed

Week 9: User Feedback & Customer Interviews

Gather user feedback with current users and learn how to conduct in-depth customer interviews

Week 10: Competition & Roadmap

Learn how to map your current competitors and build a product roadmap

Week 11: Building and finding a Team

Learn how to find, hire and retain the best talent

Week 12: Financial & Accelerators/Angels

Introduction to managing financial operations, building your data hub and preparing for accelerators and angels

U:START – Timetable

TEEI open university for Ukrainians

Every week

  • 1x 3-5 hr learning session (Tuesdays starting at 5 pm)
  • 1x 3 hr office hours (Thursdays from 4 pm)
  • 1x 5 hr Meet the Community (Fridays from 3 pm)

Biweekly (Wednesdays from 4 pm)

  • Additional deep dive on that weeks content
  • Guest speakers