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Expanding Leadership Capabilities

U:LEAD is a free leadership program designed to develop the leadership capabilities of Ukrainian female professionals.

In partnership with Google, TUW i²c, Female Founders, Inco Group and others, U:LEAD provides professional development opportunities.

The goal of the 10-week program is to build business leaders of the future. The program is conducted remotely in European (+2hrs) timezone via Google Meet with a time commitment of 5-10 hrs per week and is suited to participants with 2+ years business experience.

Participants learn to master their own personal leadership style, how to lead their teams more effectively, the skills to manage other managers, align verticals and lead organisations.


Expanding Leadership Capabilities

TEEI open university for Ukrainians

1.+ 2. Leading Yourself

3.+ 4. Leading Teams

5.+ 6. Leading Managers

7.+ 8. Leading Function Verticals

9.+ 10. Leading Organisations

U:LEAD 10-Week Program Overview

Week 1+2: Leading Yourself

Deeply understand your leadership style, it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses and how you represent yourself within an organisation

Week 3+4: Leading Teams

Lead your team, build effective relationships and successfully solve problems

Week 5+6: Leading Managers

Handle complexity across different functions, manage politics and spread your ideas to senior leaders of high performing teams

Week 7+8: Leading Function Verticals

Set and build future objectives, while considering trade-offs and aligning the organisation for implementation

Week 9+10: Leading Organisations

Set the organisations direction while creating high performance alignment and building your persona as the head of a movement

U:LEAD – Timetable

TEEI open university for Ukrainians

Every week

  • 1x 3-5 hr learning session (Tuesdays starting at 5 pm)
  • 1x 3 hr office hours (Thursdays from 4 pm)
  • 1x 5 hr Meet the Community (Fridays from 3 pm)

Biweekly (Wednesdays from 4 pm)

  • Additional deep dive on that weeks content
  • Guest speakers