New Partnerships Bring Language Education to Ukrainian Children

Тра 1, 2023

New Partnerships Bring Language Education to Ukrainian Children: Together for Ukraine partners with BOOKR Class and Amazon Web Services

The Educational Equality Institute (TEEI) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). and BOOKR Class, an internationally acclaimed startup offering an interactive educational app to make English learning engaging and enjoyable for children, and
This partnership will expand our language learning program for Ukrainian children affected by the war by offering 1,000 free licenses supporting local Ukrainian organizations.

The award-winning BOOKR Class app features animated English books, games, native narration, text highlighting, songs, and flashcards, making it the ideal supplementary material for our children’s language learning program.

Together for Ukraine provides language learning support for both adults and children. In addition, this new collaboration will enable us to expand the children’s language learning component of the program.

The support will be provided through Together for Ukraine’s assistance program for Ukrainian NGOs, schools, and local organizations. Including Care and its “Recovery Camp” for children affected by the war, several orphanages, Help Ukraine Donbas, and various libraries such as the Library Union of Ukraine and Shevchenko Kids Library in Kyiv.

A project by the Ukrainian organizations Sincere Hearth and Ucare offers psycho-emotional rehabilitation programs to children and mothers affected by the war through art therapy, educational games, music classes, sports, and volunteer-based entertainment. In addition, families receive free accommodation, food, clothing, trauma-informed therapy, access to medical resources, and other humanitarian needs.

Children in recovery camp

Provides assistance and support to people affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, delivering essential products and medicine to the Donetsk region and supporting education in the area heavily impacted by military shelling. Help Ukraine Donbas and TEEI collaborate to provide regional schools access to remote learning options.

The Shevchenko Central Library for Kids in Kyiv is the largest library for children in Ukraine.

We sincerely thank BOOKR Kids and AWS for their invaluable support in this partnership. Their dedication to providing engaging and educational resources for children is truly commendable.

By offering free lessons through their interactive educational app, they are significantly impacting the lives of countless Ukrainian children in need.

Dorka Horváth, CEO of BOOKR Class, states: “We believe that education is a powerful tool for rebuilding lives and communities. We’re committed to supporting Ukrainian organizations in their efforts to help children affected by the war.”

Their generosity and commitment to making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children during these challenging times have been truly inspiring, and we are honored to have them as our partners.

The free access from BOOKR Class are available immediately and will be valid for one year. Together, The Educational Equality Institute, BOOKR Class, and Amazon Web Services are committed to supporting the children of Ukraine.

If your organization is interested in supporting the children of Ukraine or contributing to the local Ukrainian organizations, please get in touch.


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