Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

The ongoing war has set up some unique challenges for the people of Ukraine, and not least of all among them is the need for Ukrainians around the world to learn new languages to integrate into new communities.

With this in mind, we’re proud and humbled to announce our partnership with The Educational Equality Institute (TEEI), an NGO in Norway, to support Ukrainians around the world by connecting them with volunteer language teachers and conversational partners on Language Connect для України, a free language learning platform powered by Kintell.

Language Connect for Ukraine

The starting point of this program was when Henrik Røine, the founder of TEEI met the co-founders of Kintell on UNSW Alumni Connect, also powered by Kintell. The three UNSW alumni who are located across Europe and Australia then decided to collaborate on this initiative to help the Ukrainian community globally.

Introducing: Language Connect for Ukraine

A common challenge for Ukrainnians displaced by war is the need to speak the same language as their new community. That’s where we come in with our world-class tech and generous volunteers around the world to help.


“My interview went well, in my opinion. I looked confident and worthy. I don’t know if I’ll get the job, but I’m proud of myself anyway. Thank you very much for your help!” said a Ukrainian learner to her teacher on Language Connect for Ukraine.

The new programme with TEEI enables Ukrainians around the world to connect with language teachers to help overcome language barriers and improve their skills in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish (with new languages added each week as more join!). Thousands of Ukrainians are already learning new languages via 1-to-1 video tutorials and video classes on the platform.

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

Volunteer teachers around the world generously provide their teaching for free. “I really feel that I am contributing to the cause.The Ukrainian students are so grateful.” said Charmaine De’ Ath, a teacher from South Africa, “I must have already taught more than 100 hours on the platform!”

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

Help a Ukrainian
to speak your language

Ukrainians can book you for a free video session to practice conversational skills!

Powerful time negotiation for different time zones

Generous language tutors from around the world are giving back with Language Connect for Ukraine – but that also means managing some big time differences at times! Kintell scheduling and booking automatically considers time zone differences and can be synchronised with users’ calendars. In this way, learners and teachers only see what times work for both parties, no matter where they are in the world.

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

Kintell’s easy booking system empowers Amy Frewing, one of the most popular tutors, to easily schedule her tutorials with tens of Ukrainians across Europe from her home in Oregon, U.S.A.

“This has been an amazing experience using the platform. This has been as much of a learning experience for me as it has for them – I honestly believe I have made some lifelong connections,” said Amy Frewing, a teacher from the U.S.

Track your impact with data analytics

When it comes to getting additional support for a program, data matters. With Kintell’s integrated search, booking і video conferencing, and native data analytics tools, TEEI has been able to collect concrete figures on the fast-growing number of Ukrainian users and total hours of tutorials through the program – and use that data to apply for funding support so they can continue their great work.

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

Self-serve member connect for scale

In fact, every month, hundreds of new learners are applying to join the program – and there’s no sign of slowing down. Because Language Connect is ‘self-serve’, the impact – and reach – is endlessly scalable. Soon Language Connect will support tens of thousands of Ukrainians who need to learn a new language quickly – and help them make lifelong connections in the process.

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

Powering video classes and bite-size content

As the digital partner of TEEI, Kintell also offers its best-in-class video meeting to support virtual group classes. Ukrainians around the world are accessing these classes mainly via Kintell’s mobile apps (iOS і Android), which offers extra convenience to have a class anytime anywhere. Bite-size video introductions of the teachers also help Ukrainian learners decide who they want to learn from.

Reclaiming Independence: Language Connect for Ukraine

A shared language is very much the currency of communication, driving better understanding, compassion, and the meaningful pursuit of our common goals. For us at Kintell, that’s kindness + intelligence – so we’re keen to support the initiatives and the good people who are helping open up doors to those who need support.

Language connect for Ukraine

If you’re ready to help out and have excellent language skills, then head to Language Connect для України and sign up as a volunteer tutor! On the other hand, if you are a Ukrainian who is keen to learn a new language, please join a world of learning and support waiting for you!

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