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TEEI strives to ensure quality education for all, and we need your help to make this
vision a reality. We have a variety of volunteering opportunities for individuals,

educators, and corporations. Join us and help create a more equitable
world through education.


General Volunteering Opportunities

Let's Create a Fairer Educational Environment Together!

Whether you have specific skills you’d like to contribute or you’re simply passionate about educational equality, we welcome volunteers to help us in our mission. Depending on your interests and abilities, you might assist with administrative tasks, event planning, fundraising efforts, and more.

Volunteer Teaching Opportunities

Share Your Knowledge, Shape the Future!

We are always in need of volunteer teachers to help with our online language classes. If you have experience in teaching, good language skills and a reliable internet connection, we would love to have you on board. By teaching a language, you give students a skill that can pave the way for new opportunities.
If you are passionate about languages but lack teaching experience, you can still make a meaningful impact through our Language Connect for Ukraine. This initiative allows you to engage in language exchanges with Ukrainian students, promoting intercultural communication and understanding.

Corporate Volunteering

Enhance Your CSR Strategy, Make a Real Impact!

Corporate volunteering is not just an option but necessary in today’s business climate. Research shows that corporate volunteer programs increase employee satisfaction and engagement and improve brand reputation and trust, increasing revenue and employee retention​.
TEEI offers corporate volunteering opportunities that align with your CSR strategy while making a tangible difference in the world. Whether in direct or indirect service, team volunteering, or skills-based volunteering, your organisation can contribute to our mission in meaningful ways​.

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No matter how you choose to volunteer, your efforts will be part of our mission to create equality in education. Sign up today,
become part of the TEEI community, and help shape a more just and inclusive educational landscape for all.