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While you await the start date, consider joining our Language Connect initiative for an informal language boost!

Language Connect for Ukraine

Ukrainians in need of learning new languages can connect with tutors and book one-to-one video sessions. TEEI provides this service in partnership with Kintell.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Teachers!

English Teacher

Hi! I am Yulia, I am from Ukraine. I have been teaching English for more than 5 years. I like teaching because it gives me the possibility to help people better their life. We will discuss various exciting topics at our lessons. You are warmly welcome to have the lesson with me!

Spanish Teacher

I am Natividad and I am from Spain. I started to teach Spanish in 2009 in Kyiv while I was studying Russian at Ukrainian University. I am very attached to Ukrainian people and culture. My main goal is to get my students to speak Spanish fluently.

English Teacher

Hi, I’m Mariia, nice to meet you! I live in London, next year I’ll be studying linguistics. I’m fascinated by languages and enjoy learning and teaching them. I hope to make you fall in love with English too!

English Teacher

Hey everyone I’m Hana! I’m a politics student from London. The connecting power of language is what inspired me to teach. I hope my speaking club can help you make the most of the English language!

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What Our Students Say about Us

Hi. My name is Kateryna. I’m from Ukraine, I live in Chernihiv city, but now I live in Palanga city, Lithuania. I’m 31 year old. I am very grateful my teacher Larysa. She’s a professional in his field. Thanks you Larysa for the lessons.


A1 English for Ukrainians course

I’m Natalia, I’m 41 years old. I’m from Kyiv. I recently started working with Larysas’ class. She is a wonderful teacher and loves her job. Treats each lesson responsibly. Has an individual approach to each participant.


B1 English for Ukrainians course

Thank you very much for everything you do! It’s not hard for me now. Very accessible and understandable. You explain grammar well. This option suits me, I can ask during the lesson and learn the material by example

A2 English for Ukrainians course