Language Connect for Ukraine

Language Connect for Ukraine

Language connect for Ukraine

Welcome to Language Connect for Ukraine!

You can find a tutor who speaks the language you wish to learn and book a video session to learn from them.

Language Connect for Ukraine is an educational platform created for Ukrainians to practice their language skills in an informal online environment with the help of dedicated volunteer teachers.

Are you learning a new language but need a little more help practising?

Sign up on the Language Connect for Ukraine platform and choose your volunteer teacher!

The teachers available on the platform are volunteers that dedicate their time to helping you practice a new language.

What can you expect from the Language connect for Ukraine program?

  • Wide choice of available volunteer teachers that speak many different languages.
  • Friendly, informal language learning sessions.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

There are no costs associated with this programme – it’s all free, thanks to generous volunteers.

Are you ready to start practising a language and make new friends?

Are you fluent in a language and ready to help Ukrainians?

Language Connect for Ukraine is a digital hub connecting Ukrainians with international volunteers to develop and practice a new language over video sessions. This will help them prepare for life and work in their new country.

If you speak fluent English – or another language and would like to help Ukrainians practice language – sign up for Language Connect for Ukraine.

This volunteer service is offered by The Educational Equality Institute, in partnership with Kintell.

N.B. Language Connect for Ukraine is not language courses but an opportunity to practice language with a volunteer in an informal educational session. If you are looking for complete Language courses, TEEI offers free language courses in 10 languages for Ukrainians. You can find more information about our language courses Here.

Why our students choose Language Connect for Ukraine?

I am a freelance translator, had some interpreting practice as well. Need to improve my speaking and understanding of English to be able to provide higher quality services as an interpreter.

My name is Nataliia, I’m 44 years old. Currently in England. I don’t know English at all.

I am Ukrainian and now I want improve my English, get new job, make friends and support my native Ukraine. I hope better job and hight level of English will helps to do it. Thanks.

Hello. My English is not well. Thanks you for the opportunity to fix it.

I am from Ukraine and want to learn conversational French – I have some basics but want to achieve more!

I have lived in Britain for two months and I really need to learn English.

I’m 37 y.o. woman with two kids in Edmonton. My older daughter is 13 and she needs to learn English as well. I have my sister with me. She also would like to join your program. Thank you.

My name Nina, i’m Ukrainian. I would like learn English and Swedish.