Build a Better Future: Corporate Volunteering with TEEI

At The Educational Equality Institute (TEEI), we understand the transformative power of volunteering. That’s why we’re inviting you, as a member of the global business community, to join us in our project Together for Ukraine. Your unique skills and resources, no matter how small, can make a significant difference, providing Ukrainians with invaluable support through education, skill development, and job opportunities.


The Power of Partnership

Why do businesses choose to have their employees volunteer with us? 

  • Volunteering allows employees to use their skills and knowledge to create lasting change in the lives of Ukrainians
  • The engagement opportunities encourage greater team dynamics as well as personal and professional growth
  • Volunteering showcases the company’s commitment to social impact through corporate responsibility(ESG/CRS)

A Diverse Range of Volunteering Opportunities

Our Corporate Volunteering program is designed to be as inclusive and engaging as possible, with opportunities tailored to different skills and interests. Volunteers can offer career guidance and mentorship, share expertise, teach new languages, or help plan events and campaigns. This broad scope enables us to provide comprehensive support to Ukrainians in need while allowing volunteers to make a meaningful contribution that resonates with them personally.

Create Lasting Impact

Contribute to Ukrainians’ education and personal development through mentorship, teaching, and skills development.- Your involvement can play a significant role in making someone’s life better.

Ways to Support

If you are interested in discovering more about the ways your company can support Together for Ukraine, visit our How to Partner page. 

Join us at TEEI and let’s create a better future for our beneficiaries through the power of volunteering. 

Your company and its employees can make a world of difference.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Participation is easy. Explore the corporate volunteering opportunities listed on our website, contact our team to discuss your interests, and we will develop a program that aligns with your company’s goals and values. 

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