In-Person Language Classes

In-Person Language Classes

Learn the language of your new host country with your fellow Ukrainians and make new friends. In-person classes allow you to meet and learn together, as no technology can substitute a warm hug or a smile from your fellow student. 

TEEI is organising in-person language classes in selected locations.

We are currently offering in-person language classes in two locations: – Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania) and Romania.

In-person language classes

The organisation of the lessons is possible thanks to the publishing houses that support us with learning materials, local authorities and our wonderful local volunteers.

Are you in Lithuania or Romania and would like to enrol in one of our in-person language courses?

We are looking to expand our in-person classes to new locations.

Do you know a local Ukrainian community that would like in-person language courses? Or maybe you can help us organise in-person language courses for the Ukrainians in your community? Or would you like to teach a group of Ukrainians your native language? 

Contact us, and we can organise classes together!