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Sourcing Investment

U:GROW is a free accelerator program designed to support female-led Ukrainian Startups to become investment ready.

In partnership with Google, TUW i²c, Female Founders, Inco Group and others, U:GROW provides guidance, capabilities and investor introductions.

The goal of the 3-month program is to prepare Startups to source investment. The program is conducted remotely in European (+2hrs) timezone via Google Meet with a time commitment of 5-10 hrs per week. Startups must be in the market with either revenues or previous other investment and have min. 1 Ukrainian and 1 female (co-)founder.

Participants learn to refine their vision and go-to-market strategy, sales processes and metrics while perfecting their pitch and preparing a fundraising strategy to tell their story to world-leading venture capitalists.


Sourcing Investment

TEEI open university for Ukrainians

1.Vision & Go-to-market
2. Building Product & Scaling
3. Building an Organisation
4. Sales and Pricing
5. KPIs, Metrics & North Star Metric
6. Financial Operations
7. PR & Branding
8. Perfecting the Pitch
9. Fundraising Strategy
10. Legalities of Fundraising
11. Investor Week
12. Demo Day

U:GROW 3-Month Program Overview

Week 1: Vision & Go-to-market

Plan out the vision of the company and where it will be. GTM workshop on how to first enter the market

Week 2: Building Product & Scaling

Set product roadmaps/ prioritisation and building systems that scale

Week 3: Building an Organisation

Create a company culture, set up internal processes, manage hiring/firing

Week 4: Sales and Pricing

Set up sales processes and funnel, learn how to price your product

Week 5: KPIs, Metrics & North Star Metric

Understand and set your KPIs, product metrics and NSM

Week 6: Financial Operations

Build and understand how money flows through and is tracked through your business + report

Week 7: PR & Branding

Prepare press documents, be seen and build a brand

Week 8: Perfecting the Pitch

Prepare, practice and refine your pitch

Week 9: Fundraising Strategy

Build a fundraising strategy to succeed and raise from the right people

Week 10: Legalities of Fundraising

Learn about the legalities of fundraising and have questions answered

Week 11: Investor Week

Introduction to leading investors to pitch 1:1

Week 12: Demo Day

Pitch to an event full of potential investors

U:GROW – Timetable

Language connect for Ukraine

Every week

  • 1x 3-5 hr learning session (Tuesdays starting at 5 pm)
  • 1x 3 hr office hours (Thursdays from 4 pm)
  • 1x 5 hr Meet the Community (Fridays from 3 pm)

Biweekly (Wednesdays from 4 pm)

  • Additional deep dive on that weeks content
  • Guest speakers