itslearning platform now available in Ukrainian

May 10, 2022

The learning platform is now available in Ukrainian for all users. “A small contribution to help Ukrainian children experience some sense of normality,” says managing director Steve Tucker.

Itslearning has been translated into Ukrainian as a response to the war in Ukraine. All students and teachers with access to the platform can now easily choose Ukrainian as the default language in their itslearning profile settings. The translation has been developed in partnership with the school region of Berlin in Germany as a response to their urgent need to accommodate a large number of Ukrainian school children.

School senator in Berlin, Astrid-Sabine Busse explains: “It is important that we provide refugees with the most essential information about current school activities in their mother tongue. By providing the platform and content in their native language, we can ease their transition into the Berlin school system.”

In record time

The translation have been a priority for the entire itslearning organisation and have been produced, tested, and implemented in record time. Managing director of itslearning, Steve Tucker, is clear on what has driven them to perform.

“We understood the urgency from the customer but this is something we as a company also wanted to provide as soon as possible. There has been a tremendous effort by the teams involved to make this happen and everything else has been put on hold. It is a small contribution to help Ukrainian children experience some sort of normality during the crisis they are suffering.”

In addition to the Ukrainian language, itslearning has translated the platform to Russian, as many people are now migrating from Russia with their families due to the political situation.


Educational Content and Partners 

itslearning is currently working with content providers and partners to add Ukrainian educational material to the platform and extend the reach of the content. The Norwegian NGO The Educational Equality Institute is one of the partners that has adopted the platform in Ukrainian. Their aim is to set up and facilitate educational programmes for Ukrainian children across Europe and offer Ukrainian students a way to continue their education that has been cut short due to the war.

With this change, Ukrainian is now automatically available for all itslearning customers. The company invites content providers and other partners to collaborate on this project to ensure continuity for Ukrainian school children.

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