TEEI stands with the Kharkiv School of Architecture

Jun 15, 2022

On February 24th, Kharkiv was woken up by the sounds of Russian artillery and tanks. Some people rushed to the subway as the safest place in the city. Some of them packed in a hurry and desperately fled to the west of Ukraine.

Among them were the staff and students of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. They went to Lviv, where they have restarted classes in temporary facilities and are creating emergency housing.

Kharkiv School of Architecture

The Educational Equality Institute decided to help the Kharkiv School of Architecture on this path and provide crucial assistance to continue its activity and admit new students in the upcoming academic year.  

The assistance rendered by the Norwegian NGO will provide the higher education institution with lecturers, hardware, software, equipment, and furniture as well as access to the learning management system itslearning. 

The school is currently working to fully restore the educational process in Lviv, as architecture students need to work offline and have access to workshops, equipment, and devices used in the learning process. 

The Educational Equality Institute is currently in dialogue with a dozen Ukrainian higher education institutions. 

As Henrik Røine, Managing Director of The Educational Equality Institute, says, the goal is to assist as many Ukrainian universities as possible. TEEI is truly grateful to its existing partners for their efforts and would love to see more Norwegian and international organizations join their endeavors. Because more resources are needed to help more students. 

If you want to help, you can send an email to contact@theeducationalequalityinstitute.org or call +47 919 08 93.

Kharkiv and many other beautiful Ukrainian cities are being bombed every day. And it means that many landmarks, along with panel buildings, where billions of people had their peaceful life, are being destroyed. The Educational Equality Institute stands with the Kharkiv School of Architecture and hopes that the provided help will be one of the bricks in the reconstruction of the cities.

Bombed building in Ukraine

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