Together for Ukraine – Mentorship Program

May 28, 2024

Relocating to a new country is incredibly challenging for refugees fleeing war. For Ukrainians, continuing their education or finding employment while settling into a new culture and getting familiar with a new language can make this even more complex.

The Educational Equality Institute (TEEI) recognizes these challenges and has established a Mentorship Program to help refugees navigate this new phase of their lives. The Mentorship Program connects Ukrainians with expert mentors who can guide and support their educational and professional endeavours.


Objectives of the Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program revolves around two key objectives:

  1. To promote the mentee’s educational, personal, and professional growth.
  2. To boost the mentee’s confidence and motivation and to provide support.

The structure of the program is flexible, allowing for a personalized approach where mentors and mentees are matched based on their availability, interests, and goals.

Types of Mentorships

To fulfill these objectives, the Together for Ukraine Mentorship Program offers two forms of mentorship to address these needs:

  • Student Mentorship: Mentors assist and motivate student mentees on their learning journey, providing tailored support and follow-up guidance as they develop new skills and helping them to build professional networks.
  • Professional Mentorship: Mentors help mentees navigate the job market by providing valuable feedback on resumes and cover letters and leverage their industry contacts to help mentees in identifying employment opportunities. 

    The Mentorship Program has proven invaluable. It assists refugees with their studies,  helps them to find employment, and offers personalized support where needed most for each individual.

    Become a Mentor with #Together for Ukraine

    Are you interested in making a difference in a refugee’s life?

    As a mentor with Together for Ukraine, you have an opportunity to share your skills and experiences with someone who can truly benefit from your guidance.

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