Transforming Education through Innovative Technologies (TECH-Ed)

Jan 18, 2024

The TECH-Ed project is dedicated to enhancing the education of vulnerable adults, with a particular focus on refugees from Ukraine and adults at risk. We aim to achieve this by strategically leveraging innovative technologies. Our primary goal is to empower educators by providing them with supportive resources for seamlessly integrating these technologies into their teaching practices.

The expected outcomes include the development of a comprehensive guide, a shorter, quick-reference guide, and a curriculum tailored for educators working with vulnerable adult learners.

  • The Comprehensive Guide will highlight innovative technologies designed to facilitate adult education. In addition to showcasing these technologies, it will also furnish practical recommendations for educators on how these technologies can be most effectively implemented.
  • A Short Guide will be created for educators seeking quick reference and practical tips on integrating digital tools in their learning environments. This guide will streamline the implementation process for educators working with vulnerable adult learners.
  • The Curriculum will be designed for educators working with vulnerable adult learners and will contain modules on topics including adaptive learning technologies and gamification. These modules will be curated to equip educators with resources that can be effectively applied in their teaching practices.

Partnership details:

  • Project Coordinator: The Educational Equality Institute (Norway)
  • Project Partner: Lithuanian College of Democracy (Lithuania)

This initiative seeks to make a meaningful impact on adult education by giving educators the resources they need to implement innovative technologies in their learning environments.

For more information or inquiries about the TECH-Ed project, please feel free to contact us at:

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