Entrepreneurship Programs


Expanding Entrepreneurship Skills

U:LEARN is a free introduction to entrepreneurship course.

In partnership with leading European universities, Google, Inco Group and others, U:LEARN provides teaching about key entrepreneurial terms, explores examples of entrepreneurship locally and globally, and recognise how much value it can bring both socially and economically to countries.

The goal of the 3-month program is to introduce the different entrepreneurial mindsets, creative problem solving and the multiple pathways of entrepreneurship. The program is conducted remotely in European (+2hrs) timezone via Google Meet with a time commitment of 5-10 hrs per week.

Participants learn what is entrepreneurship,foundational methodologies and mindsets, where entrepreneurship can take you and how to have greater chance of success.


Expanding Entrepreneurship Skills


1. Innovation concepts and theories
2. Classical and contemporary forms of innovation
3.Product and service innovation
4. Business model innovation
5. Open innovation and crowdsourcing
6. Personal innovation and entrepreneurship
7. Social innovation and social entrepreneurship
8. Organizing and managing innovation
9. Innovation strategy, structure and processes
10. Innovation systems and networks
11. Pricing Innovation
12. Building Innovative teams

U:LEARN 3-Month Program Overview

Week 1: Innovation concepts and theories

Understand entrepreneurial theory

Week 2: Classical and contemporary forms of innovation

Understand the history and development of innovation

Week 3: Product and service innovation

Learn how product evolves and continuous improvement of services

Week 4: Business model innovation

Learn how to innovate on existing business models

Week 5: Open innovation and crowdsourcing

Learn about how open and crowdsourced innovation happens

Week 6: Personal innovation and entrepreneurship

Understand your current innovative potential and entrepreneurial tendencies

Week 7: Social innovation and social entrepreneurship

Learn about the benefits and potential of social endeavours

Week 8: Organizing and managing innovation

Understand how to implement innovation

Week 9: Innovation strategy, structure and processes

Learn to develop strategies and processes for innovation

Week 10: Innovation systems and networks

Systematic understanding of innovation and how to leverage networks

Week 11: Pricing Innovation

How to use pricing to create innovation

Week 12: Building Innovative teams

Learn how to embed innovation into teams

U:LEARN – Timetable

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Every week

  • 1x 3-5 hr learning session (Tuesdays starting at 5 pm)
  • 1x 3 hr office hours (Thursdays from 4 pm)
  • 1x 5 hr Meet the Community (Fridays from 3 pm)

Biweekly (Wednesdays from 4pm)

  • Additional deep dive on that weeks content
  • Guest speakers