Funding KhSA and Ukraine’s future

Aug 8, 2022

The Kharkiv School of Architecture moved to Lviv: what's next?

Re-building the country should be done while re-thinking, re-positioning, re-forming, and re-learning.

The Educational Equality Institute supports the Kharkiv School of Architecture (KhSA) through our Ukrainian University Support Program. But KhSA is striving for more than just continuing the educational process. That’s why we share its story and goals for 2022 and postwar.


The Kharkiv School of Architecture is a private university that offers undergraduate and graduate qualifications in architecture and urban planning. The students were displaced to Lviv midway through the current academic year due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Educational Equality Institute provides crucial assistance to continue the school’s activity and admit new students in the upcoming academic year. The Norwegian NGO supplies the KhSA with lecturers, hardware, software, equipment, and furniture, as well as access to the learning management system itslearning.

A postwar vision

The most crucial challenge now for the KhSA is to train a new generation of built environment professionals specifically to address Ukraine’s current challenges for shelter and housing and plan for its postwar reconstruction.

Among other things, the KhSA plans to achieve its short-term goals:

  1. Complete the professional training of 26 students.
  2. Develop a new curriculum to address current and future postwar challenges.
  3. Design and disseminate a budget and work plan for the next academic year.
  4. Provide scholarships and monthly scholarships to students in need of financial support.
  5. First aid training and mental health support for all staff and students.

Funding Ukraine’s Future

In previous years, the KhSA was financially supported by philanthropic donations and students’ parents. But now, individuals and families have found themself in survival mode, and the KhSA urgently seeks $260,000 to allow students to complete their studies for 2021/2022.

This financial help is needed to keep the school open, keep the students in education, and strengthen a coalition of professionals, citizens, and communities to catalyze Ukraine’s re-building.

Support KhSA by donating on their website.

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